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I have been practicing massage and bodywork since 2010, when I attended the NC School of Advanced Bodywork. Unlike most massage schools, the training was centered around pain relief utilizing neuromuscular and trigger point therapies to provide deep work without the additional pain that is sometimes associated with deep tissue work.


In addition to my private clients, I  worked in a high-end spa in downtown Asheville, where I learned to merge my clinical skills with deeply soothing techniques. (Yes, hot towels really do feel amazing. ) Your session will be the best of both worlds: Pain relief that feels good.




Neuromuscular/Trigger Point Therapy

Deep Tissue

Neck and Shoulder Pain


I love to work with clients who have physically and emotionally challenging jobs: nurses, hair stylists, chefs, dental hygienists, therapists, servers, parents, teachers, and of course everyone who has been spending way too much time on a computer. (And also every human enduring 2020.) 

As someone who has dealt with their fair share of injuries, I take special care in helping clients with chronic pain due to autoimmune disorders, migraines/ headaches, old injuries. You can feel better.

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